our philosophy

No chemicals, ever. 100% natural. 100% hand-crafted. 


Its harder for us, but better for you. We plant, harvest, extract and process using nothing but muscle. Our partner farm organically manages crops with a focus on biodiversity, sustainability and natural growth. The hemp fields have not seen a chemical for more than 20 years, and there is no interest in changing that.



Started as a small experiment by our partner farm, the owner of which happens to be a psychotherapist, CBD was processsed for friends, family and certain patients. The reactions to the use of our CBD products were nothing short of amazing. While everyone is different, some patients with neurological issues have seen that a consistent CBD regimen provides them with a level of relief that has been unatainable prior. As a supplement to their daily routine, these patients have been able to enjoy a healthier and more satisfied quality of life.  


We are an active group at vtbio with a broad swath of sports addictions from surfing and volleyball to golf, tennis, and just about anything pick-up. We are also not 20 anymore. We have found that our products help us to prepare, perform, and most importantly, recover far more easily than we could when we were 20 so very long ago. We and our customers have found that a consistent regimen tends to balance and center those physiological traits that tend to get out of whack as we age making everything just a little bit better. With a consistent ingestion regimen, we sleep like babies (OK, not newborns as they are night owls), wake like we slept like babies (this time we will just say toddlers!), feel less anxious, less stressed, and aches and pains of an active lifestyle seem to fade. Used as a topical, a few drops rubbed into a sore knee, ankle or elbow can be almost instantaneously restorative.  


With a new level of clarity and the capacity to do something about it, a small, sustainable portion of the 55 acre farm was dedicated to hemp production. With the firm belief that hand-crafted is better and more natural, we intentionally want to stay small and only grow with a velocity that is conducive to our way of doing things.


vtbio and our partner farm believe in the benefits of CBD and its impact to our endocannabinoid system. Inherent in humans and other vertabrates, the endocannabinoid system is the body-wide, neurological network comprised of enzymes and receptors that quite literally act as a bridge between the mind and the body. The cannabinoids found in hemp, (CBD, THC [less than 0.3%], and others), interact with this system providing natural augmentation of the body's ability to right itself and maintain homeostasis, or balance. We know first hand as everyone of us has a story. Everyone of us has a story of how specifically CBD has impacted us from muscle or joint pain relief, to neurological health and enhanced and deeper sleep. While CBD can be found just about everywhere now, you will be hard-pressed to commercially find a true full-spectrum blend untouched by chemical or industrial production.


That is what separates us from the masses. That is what makes us unique.  


our pricing

Our prices, we believe, are fair and recognize the effort and dedication that goes into creating a hand-crafted and limited-supply product. If we could, we would give it away, however, as this is not being written on the private jet on the way to lunch in Paris, we do have to charge something.   


In addition to our dedication to sustainability, our planet, and the quality of our products, we believe in transparency. We price by CBD MG volume consistently across all of our people products. Currently we charge $.09/MG. As an example, a 30ML tincture bottle of CBD at 1,000MG concentration is priced at $90. Discounts are available for quantities of 3 or more bottles, or through our soon-to-be-launching subscription service. We highly recommend a subscription as it will guarantee product availability.  Otherwise, when the current harvest is sold, its gone until the next one.