When we talk about sports and CBD, we frequently use the terms prepare, perform and recover. It is no surprise to anyone active that the ability to perform at the highest level is only possible with attention placed on how to prepare to get to that point, and how to recover post performance. While every body is different, both physiologically and genetically, every body also maintains similarities into how we function, how hard we can push ourselves, and what is needed to bring us back to a point where we can do it again. The reality is that most of us will not compete in the World Cup©, the Super Bowl©, or the Masters©, but nearly all of us will compete, if only with ourselves, doing something, or lots of things, that we love. Also, who doesn't like to win, or at least look good trying!


prepare.  Preparation can take multiple forms depending on what you might be preparing for, from working out, practicing, or playing to mentally centering yourself, eating right, and getting sufficient rest.  A healthy and consistent CBD regimen focuses on those things within. It won't make you jump higher or hit the ball farther, but it can put you in a place where whatever it is you are doing, you will be able to do it with your body and your mind operating to its full potential. Bringing clarity, balance and the restorative and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and it's component cannabinoids (entourage effect), your regimen can give you the edge that pushes you to play smarter, faster, and harder.


perform.  Wouldn't it be great if your CBD regimen did make you jump higher, run farther, play better?  It definitely would. Sadly, CBD does not do that.  To do that takes hard work, practice, and oftentimes, genetics or at least some inherent skill. CBD can, however, put you in a place to perform at your optimal level. There is little more annoying than a bad day playing something you love to play, a day where nothing is going right. It may start as something physical (sore knee, tired, etc.), but ultimately, you get caught in your own head, frustrated at your performance.  The effects of CBD within our endocannabinoid system are overarching, impacting our body-wide balance, helping things "click" into sync, promoting the efficient performance of simultaneously operating systems within our body system as a whole, including our minds. An appropriate analogy is your car's engine. CBD would be the oil.  It doesn't make your car go any faster, but it does make sure that everything is firing and moving efficiently, just as it should.


recover.  Recovery is just as important as preparation. That is why we see professional football players taking a post-game ice bath, or runners kneading out muscles after a race. Recovery is what gives us the ability to jump right back in and prepare for the next performance. Widely recognized as an effective anti-inflammatory, CBD applied topically to problem areas can offer relief almost instantly. In that same sense, on a consistent regimen, CBD can positively impact internal inflammation due to prolonged activity or an especially aggressive event. Inflammation is normal, especially post activity. However, when your inflammation becomes chronic or leads to derivative pain, performance can certainly be impacted. Maintaining homeostasis, or balance within our body's system of systems can be conducive to a faster and far more effective recovery.


health overall. One does not have to be sporty or overly active to reap the potential benefits of a CBD regimen. Anecdotal evidence, as well as multiple studies over the years, have shown that there can be recognizable benefits to both physical and mental health. With potential positive impacts to anxiety/depression, pain relief, relief to symptoms of some forms of cancer and cancer treatment, skin health, neurological health (spasms, shaking), blood pressure, addiction therapy, anti-tumor effects, as well as positive impacts to sleep and a general sense of well-being, CBD can be a natural addition to a healthy lifestyle.


Supporting some of the beneficial attributes of CBD, the FDA in 2018 granted approval for Epidiolex, a drug for the treatment of seizures in certain debilitating neurological/epileptic disorders, directly harnessing the calming effects of both cannabidiol and THC to minimize and sometimes eliminate siezures in affected patients. A similar drug, Sativex, approved in the EU and Canada utilizes cannabidiol and THC to reduce muscle spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis patients. As time progresses and CBD is further studied, it is likely that social acceptance will only grow and that other promising treatments will present themselves.    


As a note, CBD is not regulated by the FDA. At vtbio, we use our products and have seen firsthand the benefits that a healthy regimen can provide.  However, our products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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