Lifter Strain

Plant Genetics

Parent 1- Suver Haze #50. Itself a cross between Suver Haze #8 and Early Resin Berry, the plant is known for its heartiness and ability to thrive under multiple and diverse environmental conditions. With high CBD content, users highlight that the strain is particularly effective at enhancing relaxation, happiness and focus while simultaneously offering benefits to calm, destress and reduce anxiety.


Parent 2- Early Resin Berry. A workhorse in the hemp industry, Early Resin Berry is used in multiple strains of both industrial and medical grade hemp. With unknown origins, it is likely that at some point it was derived from a version of the Kush strain of hemp as it shares many similar qualities as well as flavors. Known for its very high CBD content and supremely low THC content, it is a significant contributing factor to the harvest potential of any bred strain, including Lifter. On its own, Early Resin Berry is difficult to find for consumption and is largely used as a breeding mechanism. However, looking at the profiles of some of its strains, similar use cases present themselves including stress, pain and inflammation relief. In addition, multiple strains seem to offer significant benefits with regard to insomnia and various neurological issues.  


The baby- Lifter. As noted, this strain is an amalgamation of all the good qualities of its parents, kind of like how my kids have such beautiful eyes and thick wavy hair, they got all of that from me...


The truth is that Lifter offers the ability to cultivate with reduced environmental risk and significant CBD yields.  


The all-around beneficial impacts Lifter provides to the endocannabinoid system seem to mirror its parents, perhaps enhancing those benefits due to the specific cannabinoids that tend to present themselves in greater volumes. Lifter CBD users note significant cerebral clarity, amplified vitalization as well as full body relaxation with steady declines in static aches, pains and tension.


The primary cannabinoids generally found in the strain include 12-15% CBD with the remainder of the 85% including concentrations of CBC, CBCA, CBGA, THC (less than .3%) and many more.


Terpenes present include Caryoyopyllene (found in pepper, cloves, cinnamon, oregano), Myrcene (mangos, hops, thyme, lemongrass), Pinene (orange peels, dill, basil, parsely), Farnesene (hops, ginger, turmeric, chamomile), Bisabolol, Limonene, Geranyl Acetate, Humelene. These terpenes alone offer multiple health benefits from stress reduction and relaxation to pain mitigation, inflammation reduction, depression and anxiety relief. When activated with all of the other benefits of the cannabinoids, the resulting entourage effect tends to provide a body-wide and cerebral balancing effect. Of course, everyone is different and not everyone will potentially be impacted in the same manner. However, in general, Lifter derived CBD tends to provide a solid all-around benefit to a healthy lifestyle and can be an excellent driver of a wide-ranging CBD regimen.