Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

We believe in our products. We use them. Our friends and family use them. However, we also understand that every body is different. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you experience, we get it. Simply return the unused portion of your product and we will refund your cost less return shipping.  

We simply ask that you give our products a college try for a week or so. Also, we ask that you don't return a mostly consumed bottle. Should you send back a bottle that is mostly consumed, we reserve the right to prorate the return against the amount that was consumed. As an example, a week's worth at 1OZ dosage per day is approximately 1/4 of a bottle. Amounts consumed in excess of 1/4 of a bottle may be prorated against the return amount.

Of course if we make a mistake, call us out. Everything we do is by hand and until the computers become aware and take us over to power their computer world, we stand by what we do...because of course, computers don't make mistakes. We will make it right.   

Your refund will be processed as soon as we receive the returned (hopefully not mostly empty) bottle. From the time we receive it, it should take 2 to 3 days to post to your credit/debit card.

If you need to return a bottle, click here. Be sure to include your order number and please tell us why. You will not hurt our feelings, as we are genuinely interested in your feedback. We will take whatever you say to continuously improve our products and service moving forward. We will respond ASAP with details on how to return items from your order.


We can ship to any address in the US. Note that currently, our products cannot be shipped to international destinations.

Shipping is always free, anywhere in the US, including AK and HI...and if you are in HI and want us to visit, we are totally in!