vtbio Hemp Oil 1000mg Natural Tincture/Topical

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vtbio Hemp Oil 1000mg Natural Tincture/Topical

Our standard CBD concentration at 1000mg per 30ml bottle, or +-33mg per serving.  

100% Hand-crafted, small-batch VT Hemp oil.  No pesticides, no chemicals, and only two ingredients- Canabidiol (CBD), & Coconut Oil (MCT).

Packed with healthy cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids, vtbio takes nothing away and adds nothing back that isn't given to us in the plant.  We believe in planting it, caring for it, and processing it by hand, because that way, we can guarantee that what you get from us is 100% natural with 0% chance of any present chemicals, by-products, or contaminants.  Our goal is that you reach the same balance, and experience the same benefits that our products give to us.

As a note, vtbio products contain less than .3% THC and WILL NOT MAKE YOU HIGH. 

How to Use CBD

Recommended maximum oral dosage is 1ml, twice per day (half dropper) held under the tongue for 30 seconds.  However, everyone is different.  We advise taking it slowly, perhaps a week at half the maximum dosage, and figuring out what works for you.  Also, it is perfectly OK to mix your daily dose into a cup of coffee or on top of whatever you are eating.   

For topical applications, the rule of thumb is that a little drop goes a long way.  Simply place a drop on your finger and massage onto a problem area.

Consistency is key.  Experience has shown for us that maximum benefits are acheived with consistent daily usage.   

Store at room temperature and out of direct light.

What to Expect     

While everyone is different, and your personal experience may not be the same as someone else, we are confident that you will find that our hemp oil just makes things a little bit better. Our 1000mg concentration is an excellent starting point when embarking on a CBD regimen.    

Inflammation- known for its efficacious anti-inflammatory properties, rubbing a small amount of CBD oil onto a troubled area has shown for some users to provide near instant relief.

Pain relief- commensurate with its anti-inflammatory properties, topically applied CBD can additionally offer localized relief for minor aches, pains, and joint/muscle issues.

Sleep & Anxiety- when injested under the tongue, CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system of enzymes and receptors and can naturally promote homeostasis, or balance, between the mind and body.

Other- There is no lack of information either online, or under study, about CBD applications and benefits.  While we, of course, believe in our products and have seen numerous benefits provided to our customers, the true test of its efficacy will come from you.

If for any reason our product is not for you, just send it back for a full refund less return shipping.  We do ask that you give it a college try for a week or so, and also that you don't return an empty bottle.  Mostly consumed bottles will not be eligible for a refund.      

vtbio Hemp Oil 1000mg Natural Certificate of Analysis