Located at the base of the Green Mountains in Leicester, VT, the farm's altitude and geography provide an excellent ecosystem for the cultivation and organic management of hemp. With soil that is as pure as dirt can be, the land has been organically maintained for 20 years with 0 use of chemicals, pesticides or non-biologic fertilizers. Aggressive average rain and snowfall amounts perfectly complement the thirsty nature of hemp. We are green and we believe in green. We believe in sustainability, and we believe in leaving the planet better for our kids, and their kids, and their kids...  


hand planted, organically managed, and hand harvested

Currently dedicating 2 of 55 acres to hemp, we refuse to become industrial. We refuse to buy hemp. We refuse to do anything that takes any of the process away from 100% hand crafting. We do it the slow way. We do it the hard way. We do it like it was likely done on the same plot of land 500 years ago. We do it like this because it is better. What you get is what the earth gives to you, and you can rest assured that our hemp is clean, natural and touched only by water, air, sun and soil.  


We intentionally farm by hand which makes our process a bit more expensive, a little slower, and limits our inventory. As such, we generally produce about 30,000 bottles per harvest. With no immediate intention to expand, we keep the option on the table. However, we like where we are and we like what we do. We would need a pretty good reason to change things too drastically!       


processed with love

We use the whole plant, but our products are made from the flowers...just the flowers. This is important. The entire plant contains CBD and other cannabinoids, however the flower contains the concentration. Flowers are hand harvested, then cured over a period of months in a manually regulated, optimal humidity and airflow environment. The remainder of the plant is processed as compost and used to augment and optimize successive planting(s). Cured flowers are manually pressed to extract a thick CBD and cannabinoid rich rosin. The rosin is heated in a precisely controlled environment to convert CBDa (presursor to CBD) into CBD without loss of component cannabinoids, vitamins, terpenes, or flavonoids.  


At the end of it all, we have a Full Spectrum CBD formulation containing all of the beneficial components naturally produced in the plant.     


Ultimately, the solution is mixed with 100% MCT (coconut oil) and in some formulations, natural mint to meet the specific product CBD concentration. Three ingredients. That is all.