With an office in Virginia, and our partner farm in Vermont, vtbio was established to market and sell 100% hand-crafted, small-batch CBD domestically in the US. We are not your typical online purveyor of CBD. While true, we sell our products with the intention of making more money than it costs to grow and process them, we aim to segment ourselves from the largely fragmented world of CBD. We do this multiple ways.


We believe in our product. We use it. Our family and friends use it.  

We believe that natural is better, in health, in life, in everything we do.

We believe in giving back, to the earth, to our friends, to our neighbors.

We believe in balance, more is not necessarily better, less is not necessarily worse. 

We believe in sustainability and leaving the planet just a little better than we found it.

We believe that health and wellness should be accessible to all.

We believe in doing things by hand.

We believe in transparency.

We believe in simplicity.

We believe in love. 


Regarding our products, it will be tough to find another CBD solution that could be more natural than vtbio. Three ingedients is all you will ever find:

    natural hemp-derived CBD oil grown and processed by us, by hand.

    MCT oil (coconut oil used as a carrier and dilutant for CBD).

    optional flavoring (currently mint).


Regarding our partner farm, everything is manual, natural and untouched by chemicals of any kind. Planted and maintained to organic standards, we:

    plant by hand.

    maintain by hand.

    harvest by hand.

    rely on sunshine and rain for growth.

    rely on naturally maintained hemp compost for fertilizer and nitrogen.

    rely on ladybugs for pest management.


Regarding our processing, everything is manual, natural and untouched by chemicals of any kind. Processing only flowers for CBD oil, we:

    manually separate flowers from plants in phases during the harvest season, never removing the entire plant. 

    manually dry and cure harvested colas and flowers, naturally regulating humidity and temperature.

    manually press (extract) CBD rosin from hemp flowers.

    manually decarboxylize CBD rosin in small batches under precise temperature and duration control.

    manually mix & combine CBD oil, MCT oil and optional flavoring to meet product specifications and strength.

    manually process the remaining plant into compost for use in subsequent plantings.


    We will never extract oil with CO2, chemicals or any process other than natural decarboxylation.


Regarding our pricing, transparency is key:

    we charge $.09 per MG volume of CBD per 1ML bottle (people products), $.09 - $.20 (pet products).

    we don't charge more for flavors, or fancy packaging.

    we don't charge more for any "sleep", "pain", "anxiety", or any other abstract marketing formulations.

    we don't make ridiculous claims of super high CBD concentrations, we stick with what we know works.

    we always 3rd party test every processed formulation to confirm < than .3% THC and our math.


It is easy to say what you stand for, but not always so easy to do what you stand for. Our commitment to you begins with the quality of our products and as such, your satisfaction is our top priority.  


Everybody is different and in some cases CBD is more effective than others. If our product does not work for you, simply send it back and we will provide a full refund less shipping cost. All we ask is that you give it a college try for a week or so. Consistency is key with a CBD regimen. Also, don't send back an almost empty bottle. Mostly consumed bottles will not qualify for a refund. If you have questions, concerns or simply want to reach out, feel free to email us at